English Syllabus of Class 12th Bihar Board || 2024 Exam

Syllabus of English Class 12 Bihar Board

 By Amar Sir                                          

The Syllabus Of English Class 12 For Bihar Board Examination is basically divided into 3 section Prose Section, Poetry Section and Grammar Section. The Book of English For Class 12 Bihar Board is ” Rainbow Part II ” and the first two section ‘Prose & Poetry’ are mentioned in the book Here You Can See All Chapter Wise Blog , If You Want or Need for Offline English Class for 11 or 12, So Contact us on 9570589502 || 9304714697



1. Article 
2. Modals 
3. Narration 
4. Phrase 
5. Preposition 
6. Sub-Verb-Agreement 
7. Synthesis 
8. Tense 
9. Voice 
10. Antonyms 
11. Synonyms 
12. Give One Word 
13. Choose the correct sentence 
14. Choose the correct spelt word 


1. Indian Civilization and Culture– Mahatma Gandhi 
2. Bharat is My Home – Dr. Zakir Hussain 
3. A Pinch of Snuff– Manohar Malgaonkar 
4. I Have a Dream – Martin Luther King 
5. Ideas That Have Helped Mankind – Bertrand Russell 
6. The Artist – Shiga Naoya 
7. A Child is Born – Germaine Greer 
8. How Free Is The Press  Dorothy L. Sayers 
9. The Earth H. E .Bates 
10. India Through Traveller’s Eye Pearl S Buck  
11. A Marriage Proposal Anton Chekhov


1. Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe John Donne 
2. Song of MyselfWalt Whitman 
3. Now the Leaves are Falling Fast W. H. Auden  
4. Ode to Autumn John Keats 
5. An Epitaph –Walter de la Mare 
6. The Soldier –Rupert Brooke 
7. Macavity : The Mystery CatT. S. Eliot 
8. Fire- HymnKeki N.Daruwala 
9. SnakeD. H. Lawrence  
10. My Grandmother’s HouseKamala Das


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