Adjective Exercise for Competitive English By Amar Sir

 SET-A    Fill in the blanks with Hard | Hardly   

1. She must be very fit. She………seems to get tired.

2. I tried really… get her to change her mind, but she’s very head strong !

3. Are you sure that this is the right place for the aerobics class? There’s…….here. 

4. Can you work out this logic problem for me? I think it’s quite………..

5. There’s………near here to go cycling.

6. We can’t cook a meal there’s……in the fridge.

7. I don’t think we’ll be able to plant the seeds today. The ground’s too…….

8. Let’s go to the cinema. We…….go out during the week.

9. She worked……to clear the exam

10. He could…..walk

11. He is so lazy, he…..helps me with the housework

12. This chair is too….for my grandfather to sit on

13. Does a good worker work…..

14. This lesson is not ……, it is so easy.

15. Does Amar usually come to your house? No he ….comes here.

16. Do the students work very… the classroom

17. I…..leave home before 5:00 in the morning.

18. Although my father is old, he works so ……

19. Can that old man walk so fast all the time. No he can….walk

20. How did they work ? They worked very……

 SET-B    Fill in the blanks with Last | Latest   

1. This is the…….news.

2. …… year we met her at the exhibition.

3. I love to follow the…..friends in fashion.

4. I was the…….person to leave the library yesterday.

5. We are eager to know the …….development in Japan.

6. The…..issue of the magazine is not available.

7. The news from China is very disquieting.

8. The…time I saw him, he was in high spirits.

9. Today the…day for receiving tenders.

10. We expect to get the…news in a few hours.

11. The……Moghul Emperor came to an ignominious end.

 SET-C    Fill in the blanks with Nearest | Next     

1. The…market from this place is the local market.

2. The flower shop is….to my house.

3. I go to the……fruit market to buy fruits.

4. Amar’s house is….to the post office.

5. The…..train will arrive at six in the evening.

6. This is the….Post Office to my office.

7. She took a taxi to the….nearest hospital.

8. The woman in the…room was talking loudly.

9. The….railway station is two miles from here.

10. The burglar was taken to the…..police station.

 SET-D  Fill in the blanks with Further | Farther   

1. Kolkata is…….from the equator than Colombo.

2. Without any……explanation the committee dismissed him.

3. No…….orders were sent from the headquarters to the troops.

4. The park is…..from the school than the stadium.

5. He avoided…….remarks in order to avoid controversy.

6. I can’t walk any……..

7. No……reason were given.

8. He walked off without…..ceremony.

9. Until……orders Mr Amar will act as Headmaster of School.

10. Delhi is….., away than Mumbai.

11. If you need any….information, contact me.

12. Jaipur is….away than Mumbai.

13. Amar threw the ball…..than Soni.

14. It is 20 kilometers or…..from here

15. I don’t want to go any….today.

16. We can’t expect any…help from them.

17. For….information, please call.

18. I do not propose to discuss it any……

19. How much…..are we going ?

20. We can’t go any……, the road is blocked.

21. We need to research……into this matter.

22. The committee gave no….details on the new development.

 SET-E    Fill in the blanks with Some | Any        

1. I have…..sweet milk.

2. I have not……sweet milk.

3. There are….birds on the tree.

4. Has she got…..friends ?

5. I told the girls to buy….milk.

6. Are there….people with Covid-19 ?

7. Do you have……extra flour ?

8. I do not have… to give you.

9. We need to buy…fruits

10. I don’t want…

11. Do you need… ?

12. I am going to buy…..apples

13. Do you want….more cake?

14. We did….exercise

15…….food makes me ill.

16. Please give me ……… water to drink. 

17. She has bought ……. new dresses. 

18. I don’t have…brothers or sisters

19. May I have….sugar in my tea?

20. There is not …water in the jug

21. I have …notes from the exam

22. My sister doesn’t have….money

23. Amar is going to buy…eggs.

24. We have…flowers in our backyard.

25. Do you know…good restaurants around here?

26. Are there…..parcels for me?

27. I am so thirst. Can I have…water, please

28. I have….fruit and vegetables

29. Do you have…envelopes ?

30. Would you like more orange juice ?

31. Amar doesn’t like…of my friends

32. Amar Sir wants to do….shopping

33. There are…people waiting for you

34. Can I have…coffee, please ?

35. Do you know….foreign languages?

 SET-F    Fill in the blanks with Much | Many        

1. Amar owns…… in London.

2. I didn’t earn…….profit this year.

3. How…….money have you got?

4. Sonam does not have…..friends.

5. There are too many students in this class

6. It doesn’t need…..milk.

7. We had so…

8. I spent …..days there.

9. We saw……animals at the zoo.

10. How…….oranges did you put in the box?

11. There isn’t…..sugar in my coffee.

12. The old man hasn’t got… on his head.

13. I have packed…bottles of water.

14. I didn’t get….sleep last night.

15. How …..fruit do you eat in an average day?

16. Does it use…….electricity.

17. Do you think …..people will go?

18. How…..kittens did your cat have?

19. There are not…..dishes left to clean.

20. Why was there so….smoke in the room?

21. There were so…..people on the bus I got off and walked.

22. We don’t see….birds in winter.

23. How… should I save ?

24. We couldn’t think of…..good ideas.

25. Does this TV use……electricity ?

26. Is our teacher going to give us…homework?

27. There is…..information to remember.

28. Too…….water drowned the miller.

29. I am sorry  but I don’t have…..time.

30. There isn’t….data to download.

31. There are too…….disadvantages in this business.

32. How…..children do you have?

33. Are there…..poor people in London?

34. He like her very……

35. I spend too…..on clothes.

36. She is feeling….healthier.

37. I bought….toys.

38. There are too….cars on the road.

39. How….cheese  is left ?

40. How….effort does it take?

41. How ….homework must I do?

42. How…..noise can you hear?

43. They get too….trouble.

44. You put too…..sugar in the coffee

45. I have so … to do.

 SET-G    Fill in the blanks with Much | Many        




 Correct the sentence based on Adjective    

1. SONY TV is more better than LG TV.

2. Amar is more stronger than Hari 

3. Goa is further from Kerala than Delhi.

4. You have much dresses.

5. He is growing strong and strong everyday

6. Let us go quiet somewhere.

7. I can’t afford that huge a house.

8. Tell me the last news.

9. I have less cars than you.

10. He wasted his all wealth.

11. The box is enough big for me.

12. I have money enough to pay 

13. There are chairs enough for everybody

14. These are my favourites shoes.  

15. Amar is more taller than Harry. 

16. Sapna is more funnier than Sonali.

17. The pizza today tastes more better than it did yesterday.

18. She looks more prettier than her sister.

19. You are the most perfect person I have ever seen.

20. He is one of the best players in our team.

21. That is the most impossible challenge yet.

22. Your voice is very unique.

23. He is the most complete man 

24. They did not give us some money.

25. Any women came here.

26. Few persons are millionaires.

27. Any ten men were present.

28. A several men visited.

29. He has an enough money. 

30. Has he had some bread?

31. Did you pick some flowers? 

32. She came each two hours. 

33. 15th August is a historical day.

34. You can take each side.

35. Which mobile is that?

36. What mobile do you like best?

37. She went by the train down

38. This is a chair to sit.

39. She is my older sister.

40. Give me the one pen.

41. He lost one pen he had.

42. The good old man was a simpleton.

43. This is number three lesson

44. Which is the shortest of these two routes? 

45. I am senior than Amar

46. He saw two men, the one was lame and another was blind.

47. Have you read this book farther than I ?

48. The man appears to have seen more happier days. 

49. There are so many filths all around the place. 

50. The driver tried his best to avert the accident by bringing the car to a suddenly stop.

51. The car flew off the road and fell into the valley because Amit was driving faster.

52. He is the strongest and very tall boy in the whole college. 

53. In summer, days are warm than nights. 

54. She got only passing marks in English. 

55. Both the sister’s have not passed.

56. Some students are very coward. 

57. This article was published in the last issue of the Times of India. 

58. Manish has been sick for a very long time.

59. I gave a few coins I had in my pocket to the beggar.

60. Of Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur and Patna, the latest has the largest number of cars.

61. Amar Sir got centpercent marks in English.

62. The climate of Rajgir is as good as Simla

63. The whole India mourned at the death of Rajeev Gandhi.

64. Agrima is the most industrious and noblest employee of the ACE public

65. He has still few rupees with him.

66. The Hindustan has the largest circulation of another daily paper.

67. Your essay is worst than mine. 

68. Of the two girls, she was certainly the most beautiful. 

69. He likes these kinds of books.

70. I noticed that he had a couple of drinks too much.

71. It’s an interesting magazine with too many good ideas.

72. I’m looking forward to seeing you nearest Sunday.

73. Firstly, I could not understand the local people at all.

74. At first, I would like to introduce myself.

75. They still think that women are inferior than men.

76. The police asked for a little description of the car. 

77. If there were less cars on the roads, there would be less accident. 

78. In the latest decades of the twentieth century, the world has seen many 

79. As a dress designer, I am very interested in the last fashions. 

80. Your written statement differs in several important respects from my oral statement.

81. This girl is intelligent than beautiful. 

82. The most best Chief Minister of Bihar is Mr. Nitish Kumar. 

83. Bring her any water to drink. 

84. The girls were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. 

85. This course of action is more preferable to the other. 

86. I have finished reading a few books that I had.

87. Mr. Abhishek is the most unique boy of ACE. 

88. The students of Bihar are more laborious than Jharkhand. 

89. The population of China is greater than India.

90. Dukhharan Pahalwan was stronger than all.

91. My younger brother is six feet high.

92. Shyama is more beautiful than any girl in the class. 

93. As sooner as you reach the port report to the desk office. 

94. The servant has not been given some food for two days

95. I stayed with my friend for few days only.

96. My sister is older to me.

97. This washing powder is much superior than that

98. Which of your brother is elder, Gopal or Mukesh

99. This carpet is better than all the carpet i have ever seen.

100. This question is the easiest of the two.

101. Will you give the old man any help ? , please

102. You may have to experience little inconvenience if you travel by bus.

103. The outermost walls of this room are to be painted green.

104. He is the best of all the players.

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