10 Year Solved Question Paper for Para Medical || 2010 – 2020


  For Intermediate Level  

1. The correctly spelt word among the following is –
A. Gramar
B. Grammer
C. Graamar
D. Grammar

2. The mis-spelt word among the following is –
A. Exceed
B. Accede
C. Procede
D. Precede

3. Which one is the correct word to describe a person who is courteous to women?
A. Chivalrous
B. Supercilious 
C. Cavalier
D. Querulous 

4. Identify the wrong sentence-
A. Go Slow
B. Please lay down 
C. The judge sentenced the murderer to be hanged 
D.  Who do you love?

5. Identify the correct sentences-
A. Take two spoonfuls of this medicine
B. Your words seem to infer that Ram is a liar.
C. No one loves you except I.
D. Take two spoonful of this medicine.

6. Which of the following adjectives is correct to describe a liar who has great skill for lying?
A. Incorrigible 
B. Congential
C. Chronic
D.  Consummate

7. Which is the correct synonyms for ‘MELLOW’ ?
A. Gentle
B. Mature
C. Merry
D. Humble

8. The antonyms for ‘OBSOLETE’ is-
A. Rare
B. Clean
C. Known
D. Novel

9. “Shylock” was a character in the following play of Shakespeare-
A. Much Ado About Nothing
B. As You like it
C. The Merchant of Venice
D. The Tempest

10. What was the name of woman who made the first offering of food to Gautama as the Buddha?
A. Sujata
B. Yashodhra
C. Shakntala
D. Meera 


1. Identify the incorrectly written sentence-
A. I got on train in Agra.
B. I boarded the train in Agra.
C. I want to open a cooperative store.
D. I entered the train in Agra.

2. The correctly spelt word is –
A. Fourty 
B. Adress
C. Acheive
D. Future

3. The incorrectly written word is –
A. Anymore
B. Baseball
C. Football
D. Moreover

4. The Synonym of  ‘discord’ is –
A. Reveal
B. Diverse
C. Wary
D. Clash

5. The antonyms of ‘Imperious’ is-
A. Cringing 
B. Stern 
C. Suave
D. Civil 

6. Identify the correctly written sentence-
A. My son is very good in squash.
B. My son is very good at squash.
C. I don’t speak English very good.
D. Have you ever gone to France?

7. One word substitute for the phrase “Living both on land and in water” is –
A. Ambiguous
B. Ambidextrous
C. Amphibian
D. Hedonist

8. What is the correct word to describe “secret understanding in order to deceive somebody?
A. Collusion
B. Collision
C. Captivate
D. Elusive

9. “Where the mind is without fear” is taken from a book written by-
A. Tagore
B. Keats
C. Nehru
D. Tennyson

10. Where was Alexander Fleming’s boyhood was spent?
A. London
B. Scotland
C. India
D. Oxford


1. Who wrote the play ‘Ratanavalil’?
A. Vikramaditya
B. Raja Vardhana
C. Harsha Vardhana
D. Ashoka

2. The poem “Where the Mind is without fear” is taken from the following book written by Tagore-
A. Gora
B. Sadhana
C. The Wreck
D. Gitanjaji

3. Identify the incorrectly written sentence-
A. Day after day the world is becoming a better place.
B. Day by day the world is becoming a better place.
C. My father died when I was still a baby.
D. Some people watch television all day.

4. Identify the correctly written sentence-
A. I want to improve my ability of reading.
B. We were not able to stop laughing.
C. Technology has made them able to grow their own food.
D.  These machines are destroying out ability to think.

5. Identify the correct preposition to fill in the blanks in :
Please charge this amount ______m account.
A. to
B. for
C. against 
D. with

6. “To be taken aback” means-
A. Returned 
B. Surprised 
C. Becoming watchful 
D. Becoming angry 

7. The synonyms of the world “Fortitude” is-
A. Courage 
B. Fear
C. Protection 
D. Defence

8. ‘Whoever’ is a –
A. Noun 
B. Pronoun
C. Verb
D. Adjective

9. The correctly spelt word is –
A. Appearence
B. Apearance
C. Appearance
D. Apeerence

10. The incorrectly spelt word is-
A. Occured
B. Offered
C. Opposite
D. Really

11. Identify correctly written sentence-
A. She was ill since she has come here
B. What does trouble you?
C. She gets passing marks.
D. He passes the examination.

12. Identify the incorrectly written sentence-
A. I want a bed to lie.
B. No news is good news.
C. I failed last year.
D. I hope that he will do it.

13. The antonyms of the word ‘Outrage’ is –
A. Internal
B. Foreign
C. Mild
D. Regard

14. ‘Rosalind’ is a character in the following play by Shakespeare –
A. As you like it 
B. Macbeth
C. The Tempest
D. Much Ado About Nothing 

15. Nehru is his letter to his daughter mentioned that neolithic men used to cloth themselves with cloth made up from the following part –
A. Cotton 
B. Flax
C. Corn 
D. Wheat


1. The Speech referred to as ‘I have a dream’ related to –
A. globalization 
B. racial distinction 
C. economy 
D. poverty

2. ‘A Mad Tea Party’ is an extract from a book written by –
A. Nehru 
B. Tolstoy 
C. Lewis Carroll
D. Kalam 

3. Nehru in his letters to his daughter referred to Aryavarta as Indu-land. The meaning of Indu here was-
A. Moon
B. Sun
C. India
D.  Stars

4. “That which cannot be read” is called-
A. Ineligible 
B. Invisible
C. Invincible
D. Illegible

5. Which one is incorrect?
A. The painter painted the canvass
B. He was confined to the cell
C. This is the new edition of the book
D. Many books have been added to the library.

6. ‘Elegant’ does not mean-
A. refined 
B. graceful
C. elevated
D. tasteful

7. The word opposite in meaning to ‘Arrogant’ is –
A. sincere
B. grave 
C. humble 
D. vain

8. Identify the word which is not a synonyms of ‘Decipher’-
A. translate
B. cheat
C. interpret
D. solve

9. The antonyms of ‘Accumulate’ is –
A. squander
B. amass
C. collect
D. store

10. Fill the correct word in ” This is a religious ______ out of the following choices-
A. right
B. rite
C. riot
D. manor

11. Which is correctly spelled?
A. Occurred
B. Parralel
C. Ocasion 
D. Heriditary 

12. Which is incorrectly spelled?
A. Acept
B. Aisle
C. Basis
D. Naeve

13. Pick up the correct choice for completing the apt comparision “As good as ______”
A. a lamb
B. a judge
C. gold
D. silver

14. “To have no backbone” means-
A. having no support 
B. having nobody behind you 
C. having no courage
D. being very flexible

15. Which  is the correct sentence?
A. The cat drank the hole milk 
B. Come here please.
C. The lion is the king of the forest.
D. I held the horse by the mane.


1. Prevarication
A. confusion
B. an act of motivation 
C. an act of delay
D. a deviation front he truth.

2. Modicum
A. medium 
B. minimum 
C. etiquette 
D. small amount

3. Inimical 
A. critical 
B. hostile
C. obvious
D. pretentious 

4. Rampant 
A. controlled 
B. unrestrained 
C. widespread 
D. unchecked 

5. Lackadaisical 
A. disinterested 
B. lazy 
C. enthusiastic 
D. ready 

6. Equanimity 
A. anxiety 
B. haste
C. composure 
D. undisturbed 

7. His phenomenal success show that he has got the Midas touch –
A. fabulous wealth 
B. super human qualities 
C. ability to succeed in all projects
D. acquaitances and resources

8. In the Armed forces, it is considered a great priviledge to die in harness-
A. die on the horse back 
B. die in the battle field 
C. die while still working 
D. die with honour 

9. In the parliament, every member can have the floor with the permission of the speaker-
A. sit on the floor
B. leave the house
C. make a speech 
D. raise an issue

10. In buddhism, it is impossible to keep ethics and psychology ______ from one another, because they _____ at so many points.
A. away, coexist 
B. seprate, overlap 
C. apart, meet 
D. aloof, merge

11. There are many _____ associations working for the upliftment of the downtrodden.
A. humane
B. friendly 
C. merciful
D. philanthropic

12. _____ few students who read for _______ knowledge do not care for ______ results.
A. the, the, the
B. a, the, the
C. a, an, the
D. the, an, the

13. I appeal to you _____ mercy _____ on the prisoner.
A. on, for
B. of, for
C. for, on
D. on, at

14. Choose the correct spelt word.
A. Dictionary
B. Dictionery
C. Dickshnary
D. Dictionory

15. Choose the correct spelt word.
A. Hieght
B. Heigth
C. Height
D. Hight


1. ” A word which can be interpreted in more than one way” can be called-
A. Amphibious 
B. Ambiguous    
C. Desultory    
D. Anachoronistic

2. “Something which cannot be avoided” is described as-
A. Inexorable
B. Inscrutable
C. Inevitable
D. Inimitable

3. Which is the incorrectly written sentence?
A. It is childish to complain about rules
B. In India it is common that people turn up without warning 
C. There are so many things in common between us.
D. I think that people in common have good sides and bad sides 

4. Which is the incorrectly written sentence?
A. My wallet colour is black
B. You should be more concerned about your health 
C. You should try to keep the car in good condition 
D. I feel quite confident about my English.

5. Which of the following sentence has incorrect usage of a word?
A. He is expected on alternative days
B. This will affect the results
C. He affected indifference
D. What is the effect of this incident.

6. “India’s educational system should ______Regard for its great past.
A. reflect
B. predict
C. redirect
D. verify 

7. Which is not a synonyms of Subsequent?
A. Following 
B. After
C. Probable
D. Next

8. Which is an antonyms of Wicked?
A. Upright 
B. Young
C. Normal 
D. Careful

9. The word ‘Tryst’ means-
A. Attempts
B. Appointment 
C. Pledge
D. Search

10. “Seema was seething _____anger.” 
A. of
B. with
C. by
D. to 

11. In whose famous speech, the following sentence occurs ” Freedom and power bring responsiblity?
A. Abdul Kalam 
B. Aung San Suu Kyi
C. Nehru 
D. Jayaprakash Narayan 

12. Which of the following is a relative pronoun?
A. That
B. We
C. Ours
D. Himself

13. Which is the incorrect form of a plural noun?
A. Oxen 
B. Calfs
C. Flies
D. Phenomena

14. Which is the correctly spelled word?
A. Accessible
B. Acessible
C. Acesible
D. Accesible

15. Which is incorrectly spelled?
A. Compliment 
B. Complement 
C. Occasion 
D. Ocassion 


1. Who wrote ‘Alice in Wonderland’?
(A) Lewis Caroll
(B) Rabindranath Tagore
(C) D.H. Lawrence
(D) William Wordsworth

2. Which is a in correctly written sentence ? 
(A) The cleaners are threatening to go on a strike
(B) The whole workforce is threatening to go on strike
(C) Next July I’m going to the USA to continue my study
(D) I am a student of Hunter College

3. Which one is a verb?
(A) Assist
(C) Stealth
(B) Response
(D) Growth

4. Identify the incorrect use of a proposition- 
(A)die of disease
(B) die from overwork 
(C) apply from a person 
(D) call on a person

5. Identify the correctly spelt word
(A) Acquaint 
(B) Aquaint
(C) Acquaent
(D) Acqaint

6. Identify the incorrectly spelt word
(A) Principle
(B) Principal 
(C) Prepostion
(D) Occurred 

7. In which the punctuations have been used correctly?
(A) The sea, bleak, and limitless, rose higher; and Still on land was to be seen (B) The sea; bleak, and limitless, rose higher; and still no land was to be seen (C) The sea, bleak and limitless, rose higher, and still no land was to be seen
(D) The sea, bleak and limitless, rose higher; and still no land was to be seen

8. The word ‘Aqua’ of Latin origin means
(A) water
(C) sky
(B) fire
(D) acid

9. This is not the synonym of ‘Vacant’
(A) void 
(B) null
(C) condemn
(D) deserted

10. synonym of ‘Vice’ is
(A) depravity 
B) honourable
(C) wave
D) peril

11. The antonym of ‘Wait’ is
(A) expect 
B) dally 
(C) accelerate 
D) roam

12. The antonym of ‘Utility’ is
(A) convenience 
B) unfitness
(C) muffle 
D) suppress

13. ‘Close by’ means
(A) near 
(B) intimate
(C) shut down 
(D) to be sold

14. Which one means ‘arrive’ ?
(A) Turn over 
(B) Turn up
(C) Turn in
(D) Turn off 

15. In whose speech, the famous phrase ‘I have a dream’ was used ?
(A) Nehru
(C) Rajendra Prasad
(B) Kalam
(D) Martin Luther King


1. Which the correct spelling 
A) Murmur 
B) Mermur 
C) Mermer 
D) Murmer

2. This word is incorrectly spelled
(A) mutual
(C) muneficent
(B) multitude
(D) monotonous

3. The correct synonym for “Tainted” is
(A) contaminated. 
(C) repulsive
(B) clumsy 
(D) distorted

4. The correct antonym for “Invective” is
(A) abuse 
(C) pleasant 
(B) commendation
(D) cordial

5. The Greek prefix ‘amphi’ means
(A) Opposite 
(C) Many
(B) On the same side 
(D) On both sides.

6. Identify the correctly spelled word
(A) Recommend 
(B) Refarence
(C) Naieve
(D) Seige

7. Identify the incorrectly spelled word
(A) courteous 
(B) efficient
(C) eroneous
(D) loose

8. The word ‘Heritage’ means
(A) Past incidents
(B) Epics
(C) Hended down by tradition
(D) History

9. ‘A mad tea party’ is taken from
(A) Alice in wonderland 
(B) Vision for 2020
(C) A tryst with destiny 
(D) The Necklace 

10. ‘Death be not proud, though some have called thee’ is a line from a poem written by-par | 
(A) Shakespeare
(B) John Donne 
(C) Tagore
(D) Wordsworth

11. In ‘He walked by’, ‘by’ is
(A) noun 
(B) verb
(C) adverb
(D) pronoun

12. In ‘The bridge is across the river’, ‘across’ is
(A) Proposition
(B) Adverb 
(D) Adjective
(C) Verb 

13. In which sentence ‘far’ is used incorrectly?
(A) It is not far 
(B) How far is it from Patna
(C) Singapore is far from London 
(D) Oxford isn’t far from London

14. Which one is a correctly written sentence ?
(A) I woke up the next day feeling terribly
(B) In some places you feel like in a Jungle 
(C) We are not favourable to nuclear weapons
(D) She says that she feels trapped in the Job

15. Which one of the following has an Adverb phrase ? 
A) They went round the garden 
B) The captain of the ship was drowned 
C) To err is human 
D) Walking a mile early in the morning is a good exercise.


1. In the story ‘The Necklace’ by Maupassant, the women characters are
(A) Mistress and servant
(B) Friends
(C) Shopowner and employee
(D) Strangers

2. Which one has an adjective ?
(A) This is mine
(B) Is that yours ?
(C) I have found my box 
(D) He said it was his

3. Which one is a common gender noun ?
(A) Table 
(B) Desk
(C) Nurse 
(D) Master

4. The synonym of ‘Pique’ is
(A) Please 
(B) Rile
(C) Lift
(D) Approve

5. Which one is not a plural word?
(A) Index 
(B) Fungi
(C) Axes
(D) Strata

6.  Who is ‘Alice’ in ‘A Mad Tea Party’
(A) Politician 
(B) Queen
(C) Queen’s friend 
(D) Small girl 

7. “We have seen the fort” is a sentence with which of the following tenses?
(A) Present perfect
(B) Present perfect continuous
(C) Simple present
(D) Past perfect 

8. Which is the correctly spelled word?
(A) occurred 
(B) sutle
(C) suficient
(D) serprise 

9. Which verb has the same form in present, past and past participle ?
(A) Tell
(B) Hit
(C) Spill
(D) Send

10. The prefix ‘hypo-‘ does not mean
(A) Beneath
(B) Under
(C) Less
(D) Before in time

11. Which is an incorrect sentence ?
(A) I’am afraid you must be mistaken
(B) I’am afraid you must be wrong 
(C) I am writing to you to ask for your advice
(D) Their music is played all over the world

12. The one-word substitute for “Living both on land and in water” is
(A) Ambiguous
(B) Ambidextrous
(C) Amphibian
(D) Anachronism

13. Which is the incorrectly spelled word?
(A) quiet
(B) quite
(C) priscription
(D) recommend

14. In which sentence preposition of has been used correctly?
(A) We stayed in a village of Kent
(B) We stayed in one of the villages
(C) Over a thousand of people have died from smallpox
(D) The bicycle of Rahim was too big for me

15. The antonym of ‘Pillage’ is
(A) Ravage
(B) Arrangement 
(C) Squalid
(D) Repair  


Directions (Q. 1-3) Answer these questions, after reading the following passage:
“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all man are created equal”,

1. Who spoke this?
(A) Gandhiji
(C) Kennedy
(B) Nehru
(D) Martin Luther King

2. Which ‘nation’ he was talking about ?
(C) India
(B) UK
(D) Africa

3. In what context he was talking of “equality”?
(A) Wealth
(B) Having a mobile
(C) Skin colour
(D) Freedom from a foreign power

4. Who wrote “Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake” ?
(A) Bankim
(C) John Keats
(B) Tagore
(D) Tennyson

5. “Four seasons fill the measure of the year. There are four seasons in the mind of man.” What are the four seasons of mind which the poet is talking about 
(A) 4 different moods 
(B) 4 stages of human
(C) 4 virtues 
(D) 4 sins

6. Which word is spelled incorrectly?
(A) Ignorent
(C) Accelerate
(B) defend
(D) repel

7. Which word is spelled correctly? 
(B) Sucess
(A) Inocent
(C) Foly
(D) Diffident

8. Which sentence is written incorrectly as a wrong word is used ?
(A) Our principal is a good man.
(B) He has no principal in life.
(C) The lion is a beast of prey.
(D) I have no peace of mind.

Fill in the blank with the correct choice:
9. “An___man will do nothing.”
(A) Ideal 
(B) Idol
(C) Idle
(D) Male

10. “To eat the humble pie” means
(A) To apologise
(B) To eat cheap sweet
(C) To eat less
(D) To eat more

11. The antonym of “Fickle” is
(A) final 
(B) constant
(C) familiar
(D) full

12. Which is not a synonym for “citadel” ?
(A) Bastion 
(B) Castle
(C) Stronghold
(D) Large Kingdom

13. Which word describes movement of elephants ?
(A) Trot
(C) Amble
(B) Leap
(D) Prowl

14. The place where “eagles” live is called
(A) Hole 
(B) Eyrie
(C) Sty
(D) Den

15. The young one of “goat” is called
(A) Kid 
(B) Pup
(C) Cub
(D) Calf 


1. In “To ruminate and by such dreaming high; Is nearest unto heaven: quiet coves”; the word “ruminate” means
(A) To run
(B) To ignore
(C) To think deeply
(D) To walk slowly

2. In “go back to the slums and ghettos of our cities”, the word ghettos means
(A) slum area densely populated by an isolated community
(B) where shops are 
(C) where rich people live
(D) schools

3. The suffix ‘-ic’ means
(A) full of
(B) equal to
(C) belonging to
(D) opposing

4. This means ‘diligent’
(A) Acronyms
(B) Acolyte
(C) Acidulous
(D) Assiduous

5. Which one is a noun ?
(A) despair
(B) bad
(C) good
(D) happy

6. In ‘a great many books’, ‘great’ is-
(A) Adjective
(B) Adverb
(C) Noun
(D) Pronoun

7. The following punctuation is called an ellipsis
(A) ;
(B) ………
(C) …
(D) –

8. Which is a correctly spelled word ? 
(A) wandrous
(B) wondrous 
(C) wonderous
(D) wondreous

9. The word ‘Wunderkind’ means
(A) Prodigy
(B) One who has been to many countries
(C) The other kind
(D) Crazy

10. ‘not only’ in a sentence is generally followed by
(A) not all
(B) not so much
(C) but also
(D) as well as

11. Which one means ‘one who believes easily’ ?
(A) Credulous
(B) Creditable
(C) Credible
(D) Illegible

12. The young one of a deer is called
(A) cub 
(B) kid
(C) puppy 
(D) fawn

13. “A thing which is costly to maintain” is called-
(A) Golden elephant
(B) Black elephant 
(C) Grey Elephant 
(D) White elephant

14. This is not a synonym of “scanty” –
(A) few 
(B) scarce
(C) little
(D) spread

15. This is not an antonym of ‘Ripe’ –
(A) Retrograde
(B) Raw
(C) Immature
(D) Undeveloped

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